What is Click Fraud?

click fraud are those clicks which are repeated on ads that are generated by prohibited methods, such as multiple manual clicks, or clicks by automated tools, or other deceptive software.
Basically, it is a Blackhat technique of falsely increasing the number of clicks on a pay per click ad to drive advertiser’s costs and meet their budget caps early on in the day.

Google considers these clicks as invalid activity and doesn’t charge for you. Google has a team of specialists who carefully monitor clicks and impressions on Google ads in order to protect our advertisers. To do that, they use both automated systems and human review, analyzing all ad clicks and impressions for any invalid click activity.

Google developed an algorithm which can identify and distinguish clicks between generated through genuine users and activity that may pose a risk to the advertisers.

Their system enables to filter out most invalid clicks and impressions, and the advertisers are not charged for this activity.

They also have a team dedicated to detecting invalid activity using several specialized tools and a wide variety of techniques based on experience tracking and monitoring user behavior and analyzing scenarios.

One of the most common hurdles in PPC industry is invalid clicks/fraud clicks.
For years, search engines had no control over to identify and revoke fraud clicks. This suspicious activity was unwarranted.
To uphold the reputation and overcome this suspicious activity, search engines giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, assigned their own task forces to take action on click fraud.

Google’s new and updated version of the algorithm, detects and filters out invalid clicks in real time before even advertisers are charged.
Also, they have an ad traffic quality team who conducts manual, offline analysis and removes any clicks that they deem invalid before advertisers are charged.

Unlike Google’s anti-click fraud program, there is other third-party software like clickhelmet.com which help in detecting invalid clicks and keeps fraudsters away from your ads by automatically blocking their IP addresses and devices.

What is click helmet?

Click helmet Is a click fraud Protection & click fraud detection software. It stops competitors and bots by depleting PPC advertising budget. Click helmet blocks fraudulent IPs automatically.

Click helmet will track each and every click on your search, display and shopping campaigns. Taking into account IP & IP range, unique device, VPN, gclid, Click location & more.
Each click receives a score on dozens of parameters and our click fraud algorithm does its work. In the end, each click is given an innocent or fraudulent label. It helps you in Click fraud protection.

Parameters which effects based on the score:

1. Blocking invalid IPs – The fraudulent IPs are automatically inputted into your AdWords IP exclusion list. Now your competitor/bot will not see your ad.
AdWords limit the excluded IP/IP range list to 500. Click helmet protection software will make sure that the most fraudulent and dangerous IPs will be segregated.
3.Saving Extra:

The majority of your saving will be by auto-blocking click frauds. In addition, we will send a report to AdWords on your behalf asking for a refund.

How does click helmet work?

Our Software tracks each and every visitor who visits your site through ads. It monitors and identifies fraudsters click to automatically block their IPs or devices in order to Keep fraudsters away from your ads.

It tracks each and every click on your ads, collecting valuable data and information to gain insight into how your ads are integrated with
Our Industry leading algorithms separate real potential customers from fraudsters and bots and will be hidden from the fraudster by blocking the IP address of the user.


Click fraud protection represents a reasonable concern for PPC advertisers, but Google is already doing a great job to prevent invalid activity and refund advertisers when applicable. Additionally, using free tools provided by Google AdWords or third-party software can greatly assist advertisers in further identifying and eliminating potentially invalid clicks and block IP address in order to not to show ads from the second click.
For more details on the software visit: https://www.clickhelmet.com/