Strategic Digital Marketing means doing what is necessary to achieve companies marketing objective at that moment of time using various Digital Marketing Strategies such as SEO/SMM/PPC and other type of Marketing strategies keeping the budget in mind.

Most of the People don’t know what exactly their respective Digital Marketing Agency is doing and are hoping for some magic to happen. At the end you come to know things didn’t work out as expected. The only way to measure the efficiency of the Digital Marketing Agency is only by the results and value it provides . People many times tend to invest in 1000’s of dollars towards there marketing objectives and yet fail to get desired results.

This was due to the Digital Marketing Strategy was not well planned and they finally achieved the result but they didn’t put proper analytic into place to study whether it would be successful or not.

In today’s world people think that Digital Marketing means bringing the keywords up and to bring this up there are two ways

  2. 6 Months of Hard Work

But what happens if in 1st Scenario your Website gets Penalized by Google or in 2nd Scenario after 6 Months You don’t get desired result or traffic from those keywords and all your money is wasted.

So I always prefer my Customers to choose a  right Strategic Digital Marketing/Behavioural Digital Marketing Agency  rather then simply a SEO/SMM/PPC Package or some other type of marketing .

For every business person there are two things that matters the most

  1. Value : Is the company delivering the necessary value to the customer
  2. Results : Are you getting enough customers or at least are you  able to skyrocket in 1-2 months driving at least the break even ROI .

If you don’t have this both then surely you are in wrong hands . My Favourite Analogy for this situation is that

Consider a person selling ice creams in USA

The Person is shouting this in chinese 冰淇淋 (Ice Cream). Do you think most of the US Citizens know Chinese ? No, right . 

Choosing Right Strategy at Right Time and Right Place would place you ahead in the competition . Optimizing things correctly would take your company to the next level.

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