I would like to make you understand about the Behavioural Marketing Strategy with a proper analogy . Consider you went to shop to buy a laptop . But as you know very well nowadays most of the shops are being replaced by websites . But, Do you think just opening a website would help you bring in more customers . Nope , it won’t .

You need to make your website the Best Salesman you ever had in your shop 🙂 .

Your website is nothing but the Best Sales Person and it needs to be Smart Enough to make a Sale . Behavioural Marketing is nothing but making your Website / E Commerce / Mobile Apps (Salesperson) Smart Enough so that it can take smart enough decision quickly and convert your walkin visitors to your regular customers . Covering most of the scenarios

Real World Scenario 1

Salesperson : “Good Morning Sir , May I know what are you looking for ?”

You : “I am looking for a laptop which I can use to learn designing”

Salesperson : *Shows you some high end laptops of around 2000$ to 4000$*

You(Thinking) : ‘Hey Man, its too costly and you have a budget up to 1800$ .”

And You Say you will come back and you start walking away. But he calls you back and says :

Salesperson : ” There is an offer running on 2000$ laptop and you get up to 20% Discount

Then you become very much interested and you buy it.

Salesperson : ‘Since you have bought this laptop for designing purpose you may also be interested in buying a Wacom tablet for your hand made drawings’

You : ‘*You buy that as well and leave shop*

Its a Win-Win Situation for both of you

Real World Scenario 2 :

As you know very well in USA there are kids who usually sell lime juice

One child had targeted to open a shop in front of the home . Whereas the other kid had opened a shop in front of the football field . So the second child made more money then the one who opened the shop in front of the home .

This was because obviously since its summer the football players would be thirsty and they would definitely come to quench their thirst .

So , In general, Behavioural Marketing would take your company to the next level with much more smarter insights .

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